A well-connected group of evaluative measures, focused on abilities and limitations with regard to a specific task, are utilized. Multiple validity testing and cross validation methods are a core element of every FCE to determine whether “best effort” is given and whether symptom magnification is present during the evaluation. The Functional Capacity Evaluation is conducted for a variety of problems such as back injury, extremity injury, repetitive motion problems, etc. The focus is on a worker’s physical ability to safely sustain work activities and is usually tied to a specific job description. Specific recommendations are provided for assistance in return to work or case closure. A quality FCE generally takes 4-5 hours. Non-English evaluations are routinely performed. The Freedman Group therapists have over 20 years of industrial rehab and FCE testing experience with over 4,000 Functional Capacity Evaluations completed.Please contact the clinic for our detailed brochure on Functional Capacity Evaluations, references, sample FCE reports and bibliographies).